Nice things said from some former students

Subject: Thank you for teaching me how to ride
Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your patience with me in teaching me how to ride.  I can't believe that I am such a good rider!  hahaha. 

Evan and I just came back from a motorcycle trip to the Oregon coast and it really was incredible.  I have you to thank for me being able to experience all these new adventures.  I think back on how terrified and shaky I was when I first was in the church parking lot.  It's like I'm a completely different person now! 

So thank you Dave!!  I hear your guiding voice in my head while I'm riding.  I know your lessons kept me safe on the Pacific Coast Highway with remembering my lane positions during curves (especially those ones!)  as well as keeping a watchful eye up ahead as we passed a dead deer on the road.  Actually, come to think of it, the list is way too long to mention what I've learned so suffice it to say that I am truly grateful.  Talk to you soon.

Sincerely, Linnet


Dear Dave

I just wanted to thank you for many things actually.  First of all, the extra training I required to ride my 1100 cc was awesome.

I know how extremely busy you are before, during and after bike season, however, you took extra time out of your busy schedule to help me out, and for that I appreciate more than you know.

I shouldn’t be surprised because as the Sergeant on my team in the Communications Centre you were always there to support your team in many, many ways. I thank you for that as well.  As I have said, you’re the best.

You still maintained and provided that same support when you coached your softball teams, and again when teaching new riders. 

If all riding schools had the same approach as you do, there would be more riders who feel confident in their abilities, prior to the ICBC road tests. 

Dave thanks again for your help and support.


Karen XXX


Hi Dave, Godfrey here.  

Just wanted to let you know that I passed my road test last week with zero faults. Thank you for your excellent and patient instruction.  

All the best for your future. 


Godfrey XXXXX



I want to thank you for the valuable tools that you taught me.  I passed my motorcycle road test with flying colors.

The tester commented on how well I had done.  She wished that the other prospected riders could do as half as well.
Its a testament to your teaching.  I will be forever grateful to you for teaching me so well.
Thank You Very Much Dave.
I would highly recommend you to anybody wishing to ride a motorcycle the correct way.

Hi Dave,

Just wanted to let you know I breezed through my road test this morning out in Abbotsford.  I received one demerit  (oops!)  The only other comment on my sheet was "Excellent Road Test"  WooHoo !!! 
Thank you so much for everything.  You made my learning experience very enjoyable and rewarding.
All the best to you,


Hi Dave,

As you are aware, I was damaged goods when I contacted you concerning riding instruction, having spent eight days in the hospital this past January as the result of a motorcycle accident, liability yet to be established.  My wife was not happy when I informed her I was riding again, and I went without meals for seven days.  xxxx xxxx at Trev Deeley’s told me he had the right guy for the job….you.  When my bike was repaired you met me at Deeley’s to ride me home just in case I got spooked, and we arrived at my residence safe.  You agreed to personal instruction because I do not do well in a classroom environment and this took an extra amount of your time, in your busy schedule, but the price you charged me was quite reasonable considering and the instruction you afforded me was absolutely second to none.  It is no doubt that you were an excellent trainer in your police motorcycle career.  I’ve had a lot of fun learning skills from you that will keep me out of the hospital, should I revisit the type of situation I incurred in January.  Passing the road test with just one notation was testimony to your ability to teach and because of you I am riding with my wife’s blessing, and eating well again because my wife has confidence that I have been trained up properly and professionally.  Thank you.



Hi Dave,

Well, thanks again, Dave, for getting me through this!  I feel very good about it and know I learned from the right teacher!  The bikes ran beautifully, in spite of my uncoordinated efforts, and, though stressed to the hilt, I did a lovely u-turn (looking up, of course), and a stupendous start on the hill (you'd have been proud).  Will stop by soon and share my tale with you in more detail.  Thanks again to your daughter for being there for me today.  Whoo hoo!  I can ride a "real motorcycle".


Let me start by saying, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I've always been interested in learning to ride a motorcycle.  I've always played super bike and motocross games but I really had no idea what it felt like to ride a motorcycle.  In truth, the games and the real thing have NOTHING in common!

I truly appreciate the time and instruction you provided for me.  Considering I was ready to quit after sitting on the 250 that first night in the parking lot and not being able to turn the bike, I honestly thought I was out of my mind.  (I know you were thinking the same thing too!)

Since taking your course, I've actually applied it to my everyday driving as well.  I feel I've become a better driver, on top of learning to ride a motorcycle, because I learned to be patient and share the road with other riders and drivers on the road.  Before your course, I was a very aggressive road rage type driver. 

With your patience and great instruction, I've gained the knowledge, awareness, and skill to ride on my own!  Not to mention, confidence to have an 1100cc cruiser as my first motorcycle! 

Last but not the least, I've met new friends through your school and have gained your friendship as well.  Thank you for making it a great experience! 

I will definitely recommend your school to anyone interested in learning to ride a motorcycle.

Best Regards,


Hi Dave,

What a wonderful surprise and thoughtful gift it was when my sweetie got me bike lessons with your school.  The classroom was informative and the skills test was much simpler having been done through your school.  Unfortunately for all, my license was to expire before your scheduled road test date so I had to book that myself.  After much attempt, I finally got a test date.  It was pouring rain and windy and despite thinking I did pretty well, through no fault but my own stupidity and not paying attention, I failed.  Time was running out and I couldn't get an appointment before the due date so I had no option left but to do stand-by.  After spending 6 mornings at the Abbotsford office, showing up before it opened, I was only turned away.  Then I spend a whole Friday waiting for a break just to learn that the last appointment had shown up.  In desperation I called ICBC road booking and luckily got in on a cancellation on the day my license was to expire.  The morning of the test was was raining and windy, but it had to be done.  The last obstacle of the test was to park, which I did with ease.  I turned the bike off and thought I did pretty well.  I looked at the examiner in hopeful desperation and he finally smiled and said, "Come on you passed".  Darren is a pretty big guy.  I was so happy I came up behind him giving him a big hug, nearly knocking him over. 
Let it be known that Dave's voice was with me the whole time, "Shoulder check, shoulder check" and oh, by the way did I mention, "Shoulder check".
A note to anyone taking the test, Dave can teach you what to do and safety items, but YOU have to pay attention!



Hi Dave,

Although I grew up around motorcycles, I personally never really had any interest in riding motorcycles...until I met my boyfriend who along with his father, owns a Harley. 

Needless to say, we go out riding often, and they have both been suggesting to me for a while that I should take motorcycle lessons and
get licensed due to the fact that my boyfriend has a "spare" bike which I can ride!

Upon recommendation from a co-worker, I started motorcycle lessons at Dave's school.

At first, I was a little apprehensive and had no idea what I was getting myself into or what to expect.  The theory lesson was very informative, and Dave was so patient and a great instructor, that I learnt how to operate and ride a 250cc motorcycle in the church parking lot, along with completing my motorcycle skills test all in a short period of time.

The first ride that Dave took me on was almost my last, we did some basic skills in the sub-division near his house which honestly nearly
made me change my mind about riding!  I thought I would never be able to ride properly, but not long after that, we headed out to Pitt Lake, and as soon as we hit the open road, I began to feel more comfortable on the motorcycle, which completely changed my was so much fun!

One of my rides with Dave was out to Harrison Hot Springs with a couple of guys from my word sums it all up...WOW (I was hooked)!

Imagine my surprise after two more short rides when Dave declared that I was "ready" for my road test!  I was so nervous, but I just put into practice what Dave had taught me and passed!

Dave, I truly appreciate your patience and the valuable lessons that I learnt over the period of the course.  I have applied what I learnt in
the course to my everyday driving as well, and have become a more patient driver (especially observant of motorcycles) which I never paid
much attention to before!

I have already recommended your school to people interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle in the future!

Thanks for everything!



Hey there Dave! 

Wow, it's already been a year since I first started my lessons.  I absolutely love riding!!  It's has become my passion. 

I insured the bike for the whole year so I was able to ride on Christmas day and then of course during the Olympics for that outstanding weather we had.  I ride to work whenever it isn't raining.   Last week Evan and I went to Whistler for 3 days on our motorcycles and then rode to Lillooet and back to Whistler on Saturday.  It was the most amazing scenery I have ever seen! 

I wanted to tell you that your voice was still in my head after a year.  I can still hear you.  Especially on the Duffy Lake road and in the hairpin turns "look up look up look up".   You are the best teacher ever!!  And I hear tomorrow you will have Cindy and Tristin for lessons!!  Dispatchers rule! haha.  I am hoping that when the girls start riding that it might be on a day off for me and I'll zip out to say hi.  

I just wanted to thank you again! 

See you soon, Linnet.